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With rising energy costs, winter becomes a time of uncertainty for many families, who struggle to pay the necessary bills to keep their heat on. That's why we developed the HeatSmart Campaign.

The program operates on a simple premise: if the cost of heating continues to rise, so does the value of strategies to promote energy efficiency. Consequently, the HeatSmart Campaign looks for ways to cut back on heating expenses for all families, and examines how simple efficiency measures can address common environmental problems in the future.

A family can save quite a bit of money by turning down the heat at night, but the households that could benefit the most from this strategy often can't lower the thermostat because they do not have the tools to effectively keep themselves and their houses warm at a lower temperature. We use woolen blankets, education and other tools to address this need.

Our country will likely struggle to make home heating affordable for years to come. To get through it, we must focus on measures that stretch our energy resources farther.
Heatmart Campaign is An Initiative of Northwest Woolen Mills
Note: Some of the blankets shown are different from the blankets we offer